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For the past decade, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has led the way in raising public awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving and advocating for public policies related to prevention. This public service announcement tells a tragic, all-too-common story: Star athlete, Katie Drentlaw, decided to drive home after attending a track competition. She was nearly at her destination when she fell asleep at the wheel and crashed. She was killed instantly. The decision to drive drowsy cost Katie her life.

Sadly, each day NSF learns of senseless deaths due to drowsy driving and sleep-related crashes. Many involve young people, but no one is immune to the threat of drowsiness. And regardless of age or background, we are all at risk when another drowsy driver gets behind the wheel. NSF is taking action! During November 5th to 11th this year, NSF is launching Drowsy Driving Prevention Week™ -- an educational and public awareness campaign designed to save lives of drivers by raising awareness of the dangers of driving while sleepy. Through, NSF is offering a variety of resources designed to communicate the catastrophic dangers of driving while drowsy. Additionally, is showcasing a drowsy driving memorial site, where family and friends can pay tribute to loved ones lost and hurt in senseless automobile crashes.

Please help NSF educate all Americans about drowsy driving prevention by making a generous contribution in support of Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. Your tax-deductible contribution will help NSF communicate the importance of this vital and necessary campaign and support our prevention efforts throughout the year. Both awareness and recognition about this issue WILL save lives. NSF needs your support; whether you can give $15 or $1,500, your contribution is critical to the campaign's success. Please visit to donate today. Thank you.
Darrel Drobnich
Darrel Drobnich
Chief Executive Officer (Acting)
P.S. You can also help by contacting your family members, colleagues and friends and linking them to for information on how they can lower their risk of being in a drowsy driving crash.

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