Mission Statement

• To promote and take an active role in the development of a new state law, such as a “sleeping-driver homicide” amendment to Washington state's Vehicular Homicide statute. This amendment would send a strong message of accountability for a driver’s actions behind the wheel of their car when they chose to drive while knowingly fatigued. It would, more importantly, bring a sense of justice to the survivors of the victims;

• To present credible and useful information through multiple links, articles and reports in an effort to create awareness for our communities and lawmakers as to the dangerous and widespread problem of driving while fatigued;

• To obtain contact with other individuals and families who desire the same common goals of educating the public, raising awareness and changing state law concerning fatigued driving;

• To work with law enforcement to raise public awareness as to the dangers of driving while fatigued and to utilize their knowledge, experience and available statistics for tracking accidents. This assistance would provide a clearer picture as to accidents and fatalities that are caused due to driving while fatigued; and

• To make it clear that we are no longer willing to accept the fact that drivers are not held responsible for the devastating, fatal effects caused due to their driving while knowingly fatigued.

"I am personally committed to working with state legislators in revising our state law so that negligent and irresponsible drivers, who fall asleep at the wheel and take our loved ones lives, know that they will be held accountable for their actions! No one should lose a loved one this way and then have to go through the frustration of discovering there is no law in place to deal with this sort of injustice. Please support our cause by becoming informed and assisting our group with changing state law! Please write your local representative and ask him or her to support a bill that would bring responsibility to drivers who fall asleep at the wheel and take the life of another. Please support our effort or create your own public awareness campaign to alert motorists as to the dangers of driver fatigue!"
Carol Dorn
- Wife of Daryl Dorn

Drowsy driving is negligence, the same as drunk driving. When you drive drowsy, you drive impaired. Studies show that 24 hours without sleep has the same effect as having a blood alcohol content of .10.
There need to be consequences for sleepy drivers to deter them from thinking it is okay to drive when fatigue sets in. There are alternatives available for someone who is too tired to drive just as there are for drunk drivers. Take a cab, bus or have a friend drive. When someone is drowsy and they choose to get behind the wheel, they are causing a life-threatening situation for themselves and others. This risk factor far outweighs the need the person feels to drive to whatever destination. Innocent victims are the consequences for the risks that fatigued drivers take.
Dale Kronberger
- Father of Brian Kronberger